Yesterday, I blogged about one of our new open source Django apps, django-sendgrid- events. It's a small app, in terms of lines of code and/or complexity, but I think it opens up a ton of potential in things you can do for users of your site.

In addition, to making that post yesterday, we updated our Open Source page with half dozen or so new Django apps that we have released throughout 2012.

In addition, we have been gettings tons of great feedback from a post published about a month ago, entitled 5 Reasons to Hire an Agency. If you are in the position of looking to hire new engineers either as full time employees or as contractors then give this post a read first. If you have any questions at all I welcome the opportunity to speak with you on the phone, take your emails, or respond publicly to comments on this post.

Go check these things out! I know you'll find more than a couple things useful if you are setting out to build a new site today, or even updating an old favorite.