Patrick Altman

Keep Your Vue Apps Fresh v2

August 15, 2023
SPA frontends can remain open on a user's browser for a long time. This article describes how to update the frontend with the latest version of the code.

Adding GraphQL to a Django App

May 9, 2022
Adding a GraphQL endpoint to your Django application is a simple and powerful way to reduce API maintenance and give more power to your frontend developers.

Docker: From Development to Deployment with Django and Vue

September 10, 2021
Using Docker to isolate my environment has been a game-changer for the teams I've been a part of and me. It is a massive timesaver by installing Docker and then having new developers run 'docker compose up -d' to get going.

Getting Started (again)

September 2, 2021
I’ve wanted to get back to producing developer-focused content mainly because it helps me clarify ideas for myself. Also, it serves as a check for things that I think are “right”—if wrong, people will correct me, and I’ll learn.

Making Use of Scoped Styles in Vue

July 22, 2020
There are a lot of way to handling styling your Vue project. Making use of single-file components with scoped style has made life a lot easier.

Keep Your Vue Apps Fresh

April 21, 2020
Your JavaScript can become stale between releases of a backend that changes the API. Here is one strategy to avoid client errors.