Yesterday morning I arrived at my son’s school a bit earlier than usual and used the opportunity to explore the new Resurrection iWitness app on my iPad with him. While we didn’t finish going through the entire app, I was very pleased in how it engaged my young seven year old. He asked lots of questions, that quite frankly put me on the spot to answer in a clear and concise way — I love this!

I really enjoyed being able to share that moment in “Bible study” with my son in a very digital age kind of way. We touched, heard, read, and experienced what the Resurrection is all about. But most importantly it facilitated and prompted dialogue with my son about deep theological topics. I want more!

While admittedly much of the content is a bit beyond a seven year old’s comprehension level, I found it a fantastic guide to spark the kinds of discussions I want to have with my children. I would love to see more applications from LifeWay built on the same platform of code both for my consumption as an adult but also geared toward my elementary aged children and their individual iPads.