So like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, nashvegas has returned with a 0.1a1.dev2 release. PEO

[18 months ago, I posted]( django-migration-tool/) about the initial release of a migration tool that I wrote and found useful. I then later abandoned it in my personal projects in favor of South.

However, I quickly wanted something not so complicated and allowed me to better manage exactly what was getting executed. This brought me full circle to just needing to finish off some outstanding features on nashvegas.

With this release you can:

  • Execute both sql and Python scripts
  • Generate migration scripts for new models that are introduced to your project, whether they be from reusable apps that you have installed, or apps that live within your project.
  • A Migration model tracks everything in the database instead of what was previously just a table.
  • This Migration model bootstraps itself into your database when executing any of the commands -- after adding it to INSTALLED_APPS it's ready to use.

Check it out. Let me know what you think!

You can find the source code on the project page on Github.