Fellow small-government conservatives, fellow Christians, I must ask you all some questions.

Do we really want a government that forces others to our way of thinking? Did Christ force people to follow Him? Is it not hypocritical of us that want the government to be smaller and less restrictive to then desire laws that legislate relationships of all things? Should we pass laws to prohibit certain forms of baptism or communion? Should I even be required as a man to get permission to marry my bride? Or should that be left for me as a Christian to settle between my bride, my God, and my pastor?

I know as a Christian conservative that this is a very controversial thing to post. I should bend my knee and vote how James Dobson et al tell me to vote. But I am sick of this inconsistency that exists amongst our ranks. I am sick of the hypocrisy.

As someone who believes that the government that governs the best is that which governs the least, I think marriage is an issue that is deeply personal and has no place in any level of government rules, regulations, or laws.

As a Christian, I believe the fragrance of Christ is best demonstrated by loving God, loving others and concerning ourselves with our own behavior in an effort to glorify God, leaving the behavior of others between them and their Creator. We see this example in Jesus. He didn't shy from preaching right or wrong. He didn't compromise holiness. But he also didn't force anyone to do anything. If He didn't force people to behave in certain ways then how on earth can we presume to have the audacity to do so in His name?

That is all.