This week has been a blur. I need to start taking some notes each day to make these end of the week posts easier.


I've been extra busy with work. Gondor, agency work, and our own sites are all going well. We are firing on all cylinders and it feels really good to be right in the middle of all the activity.

The pace on Gondor continues to be high and it's exciting watching this project take off from behind the scenes. The web agency work has presented some engineering challenges in terms of scaling as we continue to grow both in number of clients as well as developers but I think we are solving them well. I hope to post more formally on this topic soon on Eldarion's blog. A lot of our own sites are starting to mature nicely and some will soon be growing into revenue producing sites—very exciting stuff.


I published a [blog post]( delivers-value-clients-gondor/) earlier this week on the company blog where I discuss how we deliver value to clients of our web agency business.

I also wrote and finished another article on building open source software in the Python community to be published soon at IBM DeveloperWorks. Actually, there are currently 2 articles recently completed that are still in the publishing queue for IBM. Now that I have completed all writing assignments, I need to draft up some more proposals.

Reading List

As is typical, I tend to accumulate books to read faster than I actually read them. Here are the top five books currently "in progress" on my Kindle:

I think you can see a trend from my reading list. I had started Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1) as a source of fiction admist on these business books and while I do enjoy reading it, it keeps getting crowded out.

I recently just finished The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet which was excellent and putting most of the principals into practice has led me to lose 30 pounds and feel great!