So it's been far too long since I have posted anything to this blog. I have been better at times about consistently posting and when I do subsequent posts become easier to write. I have posted a bit over on the Eldarion blog, but even there I haven't gotten into a good rhythm yet.

I have been debating what to post first for a while, since it has been 8-9 months since my last post and the more I delay the more pressure I feel to write something truly great which creates this cycle of procrastination and cognitive burden that I can't stand.

Therefore, I am hoping this breaks the log jam.

I don't recall everything that I have been doing since I last posted and am not going to review emails, project commits, and so forth to try to give a comprehensive overview. That said, I wanted to give a highlight of something I have been doing over the past several months.

  • This summer marked my second as a jumpstart foundry mentor
  • I am serving as an advisor for two companies in this summer's cohort at jumpstart, and Zingfin
  • I have really jumped off the cliff on taking up golf and have become a bit obsessed with it. I am really horrible right now as I just start out but want to be playing competitive golf within the next five years.
  • Currently working with the team at Eldarion pretty hard to launch two new businesses in the later half of this year, and KPITree. Very excited about this.
  • Also, currently in the midst of launching an array of new service offerings for Eldarion's agency business.
  • Made time during this busy summer to take some downtime on a couple of low-key, much-needed vacations with the family.
  • Amino Software entered it's 7th year of operation. It's been an incredible run and we are figuring out what's in store for the next several years.

Lots of exciting things going on right now and I really hope to write more frequently about everything both here (for personal stuff) and on Eldarion's blog for all the work going on there. If there are particular areas you'd like to see me explore a bit deeper, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below and let me know.