Today at my daughter's soccer match, Amy stopped by to pick up something that was in my car. She couldn't attend the game because she was working an annual fundraiser as part of her duties of being on the PTO board at our children's school. A few moments after she departed one of the soccer parents handed me something that Amy is collecting from other parents of my daughter's teammates for another fundraiser related to the sports programs at the YMCA.

It was then that I was struck by all the other things she does, quietly, without a desire for recognition. In every case she is doing what needs to be done. She is always organizing things either for one of our three children's classes, the PTO for school wide events, soccer team needs, or individual teacher needs.

I am amazed by her quiet dedication to our children, our family, and in seeing that the needs are met of the people enriching the lives of our children. She will not hesitate to volunteer to either serve or lead when something needs doing. And then when she is responsible to get something done, she doesn't just complete it but she does a stellar job at whatever she puts effort into.

I am blessed as a husband and a father by her spirit of service, dedication, and her striving for excellence. So is our children's schools, teachers, and coaches. She would deny it, but she is building a legacy of enriched lives, many who will never know they benefited from her efforts.