A week or so ago I packaged up nashvegas 0.4.1 and thanks to Brian Rosner and Jannis Leidel there have been a good number of features added since my last blog post about nashvegas.

Change Log

  • Running ./manage.py syncdb now prompts for confirmation to prevent accidental executions. When migrations are managed by nashvegas, running syncdb can make it easy to forget to create migrations.
  • --seed option takes an end point instead of the entire unexecuted list in the migrations folder
  • SQL is no longer piped into your database backend client, but executed via the in process database connection object managed by Django.
  • All migrations, including interleaved Python based migrations run in one atomic migration (backend database must support transactions obviously)
  • Added admin interface for nashvegas's Migration model
  • Updated --create to not output BEGIN/COMMIT statements as transaction is now managed by nashvegas not the script(s) being executed.
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Updated execution of Python migrations to use execfile instead of __import__ to avoid pyc confusion.
  • Updated output of --execute to provide better user feedback of what is being executed.