I have really gotten out of the habit of blogging and I hate that.

It's not because I don't have anything to talk about. Quite the contrary -- a lot has been going on. I thought today would be a good chance to provide a recap of things I have been doing and thinking.

StudioNow / AOL

Back in January, the startup I have been working on since very close to it's beginning three, well almost four years ago now, [was acquired by AOL](http://www.marketwatch.com/story/aol-acquires-studionow- for-365-million-2010-01-25).

This has been the single best experience of my career. To build something from scratch that didn't exist before with a group of really smart folks and turn it into something valuable enough for someone else to purchase at a multiple that made everyone involved happy. I started off not knowing anything about Python, about ffmpeg, about video on the web, much less anything to do with cloud computing. Looking back at what we have accomplished technically, and I wouldn't have thought it possible or likely been able to fully grasp when first starting.

I am now close to 6 months on the other side of the acquisition as a full time employee of AOL. I miss the days of the startup, when there were 7 of us in an office trying to figure out how to make something work both technically and from the perspective of a business model. I am sure one day, I'll find myself back in the chase again -- there is nothing like it.

Open Source

I have started getting more and more involved in the community, either submitting pull requests on Pinax, or trying to be a better maintainer of projects that I have at Github.

I am really digging Pinax and am excited to see how that project as it matures will increase the velocity of standing up new web apps.

Amino Software

We have been having a lot of really great traction with Lysine. 2009 was a breakout year for us in terms of revenue and we are well on track to come close to doubling those figures in 2010 as we gain more and more attention around the world for our EBCDIC data conversion component for Microsoft SQL Server's SSIS tool. We have a second product near release that will enable developers to leverage the problems we've solved in Lysine and use in their own projects that don't fit the SSIS data migration model. We are very excited about this upcoming release and can't wait to see how folks will use it and what they will build with it.


This is an idea I have now for some time and am just now starting to get some sketches down and user stories written up. In a nutshell it is a community based website to help digital volunteers and missionaries serving in the field to match up and engage on projects that facilitate the furthering of the Great Commission.

Stay tuned for further announcements.

Tabara Crestina

I have been working on Tabara Crestina for a year or two now and we are very close to launching a 50% rewrite of the site adding several new features that will enable a better experience in promoting Christian camping in Romania.

All that is left now is for me to integrate the translations for all the static text on the site. I have the files back from the translators, just need to focus for 10 minutes one night and get them integrated so we can turn on the new site.


I have been reading a lot in the social sciences recently. I am about 10-20% complete in The Road to Serfdom by Hayek and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I recently finished The Case Against the Fed by Rothbard, which was excellent and had more to do with explaining how banking has worked in the past contrasted with what we have today -- certainly an eye opener.


I recently was contracted to write an article for a new Python Development portal that will be launched soon as part of Amazon Web Services' online resources. Before vacation a couple weeks ago, I submitted my draft which walks the reader through several of the services using the boto library. I am not sure of the publication date yet, but expect to know soon.