It's already been a month since I left AOL / StudioNow to join Eldarion as a full time employee. So much has happened in so little time, not even sure where to begin.

Getting back into an environment that is simple and bureaucracy free, that is full of raw energy and passion for building cool things that are going to be disruptive in their respective categories, is very refreshing.

In the past 30 days, I have made 407 commits across 19 different sites/projects, 7 of which are clients. In addition to pure code output, I have been leading teams on 2 different client engagements, working with James and Brian on product development as well as strategy and tactics for exciting projects like Gondor.

All of this with James, Brian, and myself living in three different timezones.

Thanks to Skype and IRC (don't really use e-mail that much for work related stuff anymore) and a quiet (sometimes) home office, it's really amazing that I have seen productive collaboration really soar as compared to when I was in a traditional office setting where working from home was discouraged due to the stated need of increased collaboration. I think my experience, while anecdotal, provides a strong case that good collaboration has little to do with physical presence and more to do with focused intent and eliminating distractions.