Six years ago, I created a simple Django app to handle logical deletion of records. Today, I donated this app to Pinax.

This app has lived under my personal GitHub repo since I started the project, but since it's just me, I rarely find the time to keep on top of maintaining the code as it deserves.

In fact, I had pretty much forgotten about it even existing until this morning when Brian Rosner said in our Slack channel:

mark the Nth time I’ve wanted an app and searched for it and found it built by someone at Eldarion. this time django-logicaldelete.

Then I go and look at the code and realize there were some open issues. The most recent just being a few months ago, #9 - Delete method related object behavior is wrong.

I also then saw that I hadn't touched the code in about a year, and even that was just merging a pull request.

Finally, when I saw plenty of forks with what seem like good enhancements but no pull requests, I wanted to get this project in a place where it could be better maintained.

Therefore, this morning, I donated django-logicaldelete to Pinax and in the process it was renamed to pinax-models. It was updated to the lastest standards of a Pinax app and will now join the dozens of other apps in the Pinax ecosystem.