I have recently become a fan of the social bookmarking site, Delicious. I started thinking of all the ways it could be useful to be able to capture links or query the Delicious database for links from within other apps and plugins. I noticed that Delicious exposes a web based API via query string parameters. However, I could find no .NET library out there that wrapped the the web request calls up for me in a nice neat little class library so this weekend I wrote my own. This is a rough and dirty 1.0 version so please let me know if you find any bugs. One bug I found with the Delicious API/site is how it stores URLs. If you store a URL that is just the domain name, with no query strings or files (e.g. default.aspx), it will always store it with a trailing "/" no matter if you stored it with a slash or not. If you go to query the Delicious API without a trailing slash, it will not return any results. This could easily be fixed in my API by just doing some analysis of the URL string before sending it along in the query to Delicious, however, it has not been implemented as of yet.

All settings for the API are stored in the config file that should remain in the same directory as the library. The only settings you'll need to set to use this are your username and password that you use to access your account on Delicious. The rest are application settings and will only need to change as Delicious's API changes.

Download version 1.0 today!