Patrick Altman

pybrightcove v0.9 Released

Since my previous release (v0.1) of pybrightcove, I have completely changed my approach and rewrote the library.

Dissolution in a Fractured Network

Yeah, I have no idea what the title of this post means, but my little sister recently gave a talk on the subject at the National Ground Water Association's 2009 Ground Water Summit.

Lysine for SQL 2008 Released

This is just a short announcement to let everyone know that Amino Software has now released a version of Lysine, their EBCDIC SSIS component, that is compatible with SQL 2008.

Nashvegas Issues

GitHub has added integrated issue tracking:

Stop Spending our Future

As the nation prepares for some Tea Party action tomorrow, here is a good video to put things in perspective (and hopefully get some folks to wake up and realize that wherever we are headed, it can't be good):

Django Compress: New CSS Filter

I added a new filter today for django-compress that allows for arbitrary string find/replace during the compile process on your css groups.

pybrightcove v0.1 Released

A few weeks ago, I announced a new project called pybrightcove that would serve as a python binding to the Brightcove API.

Patch to Django Extensions

I am really loving the django-extensions project, especially the sync_media_s3 command to move my media to be hosted on Amazon S3.

New Django Site: Brite Revolution

Josh Kersey announced tonight a new site built by the folks at Cabedge and it appears to be done in Django.

What the Heck are NAPLs?

They have something to do with water and pollution. But that is all I know.