Patrick Altman

Have We Forgotten?

It's hard for me to not be discouraged these days.

John Piper on the Prosperity Gospel

John Piper is certainly one of my favorites and this brief interview is excellent. He explains why the prosperity gospel in its many forms is an abomination.

So You Want to Write a Book?

It's November again that means it's another time with a lot of people are focused on writing. I think it all got started with the National Novel Writing Month but it has been co-opted by other groups or efforts as well.

Buffered Writes with httplib

I was wresting pretty vigorously with trying to fix a bug in pybrightcove for past several days. The problem was occurring when trying to send a very large file (>2GB). I was getting out of memory exceptions on the server sporadically and when I didn't get them, it was another exception that said something about blowing the upper limit on a Python string.

Future of the Dollar

Logical Delete Support in Django

I have had a small set of functionality that I have copied to several projects and thought it was time to abstract it out as its own pluggable Django app. Thus, a new django app has been released onto the public -- django- logicaldelete.

White House Pulls Informant Email

The White House recently pulled the plug on the email address that citizen informants were asked to report contents of emails and casual conversations to that disagreed with the President's Healthcare agenda.

Why I Created "Flag This Obama"

I thought I should post and explain why I felt compelled to put up the Flag This Obama site.

US Soldier Schools Senator McCaskill

I love this.

Objective-C Rookie Mistake with NSArray

So, I am pretty engrossed in learning Objective-C and the Cocoa Framework, with a primary aim of joining the iPhone app craze. I have 2 or 3 iPhone app ideas that I want to turn into reality and get released to the store, but first, I need to learn this new platform and language.