Patrick Altman

It's Not About Healthcare

No doubt we have just witnessed some pretty historic legislation with the passage of the Democratic healthcare reform bill.

Blown Away by Precor

Seven years ago we purchased a Precor treadmill from Fitness Systems, Inc, a local Precor dealer. I wanted a treadmill that could sustain my pounding and be comfortable with my longer than average stride.

Open vs Closed Source

I have heard open source compared a lot to socialism, or maybe better as something that is not capitalism. Equally frustrating, I have been around the crowd that jeers the people that sell closed source software. There is a lot of misperceptions that exist about both commercial software and open source.

How to Store Arbitrary Data in a Django Model

I have a number of different places where I have wanted to store arbitrary data along with structured data in a Django model. This is data that I wouldn't necessarily care to use a value to retrieve data but when displaying or working with a record or records of this data, being able to have this data available in a manner that I didn't have to parse was nice.

PyCon 2010 Recap

The videos from PyCon 2010 appear to be coming online now and I highly recommend checking them out if you weren't able to attend or missed some of the sessions you wanted to see while there at other sessions. There was a ton of great stuff to soak in through osmosis. In addition, it was great to meet others in the community that I know through IRC / Twitter / Email / Projects.

Forget The Pony

This is too good not to share (and thank you Eric for tweeting the link):

Obama's Transparency Strategy

It goes something like this:

Thankful, I am

It seems like an obligatory or cliched post to write, but on the eve of Thanksgiving (actually it's already past midnight as I write, so I guess it is already here), I feel it appropriate to sum up just some of the highlights of things in my life that I am thankful for.

Thoughts on Healthcare

What is the real end goal with this Healthcare legislation?

Global Warming Scam Exposed