Patrick Altman

Income Tax

I found this quote to be enlightening, especially since it was from a guy who ran the IRS for three years.

The FairTax Book

Picked up this book tonight and highly recommend it. It's a fast, easy read that is very informative.

The FairTax Proposal

There is currently a bill in Congress (H.R. 25 - pdf) that proposes replacing the federal tax on personal income (among a host of other federal taxes) with a simple federal tax on sales. It is revenue nuetral and has substantial research supporting the notion of major boosts to the economy.

Reading List

Microsoft's Data Access Block

Cropper TinyPic Plugins and Proxies II

As promised, here is the new version of the Cropper plugin that should work behind your average corporate proxy.

Running Log

I had taking some notes a couple months ago when I started running on building a running log application. I want to get back into this project. Here are my initial design notes (from my OneNote Notebook at work):

Cropper TinyPic Plugin and Proxies

So, I was excited about using my new plugin at work today for my internal blog to show some screenshots for a new research project I am working on and I got this message:

SQL 2005 Data Mining Reading List

Note to self -- read these articles.

Cropper Plugin

I am such a big fan of Cropper! The latest release has exposed a plugin interface that allows developers to quickly and easily write extensions for the great screen clipping tool. In light of my recent discovery of TinyPic I decided what I needed was to marry Cropper and TinyPic so that upon my screen capture, the image was automatically posted to TinyPic and the resulting new TinyPic Url to my image returned and copied into my clipboard.


I found a great blogging tool to use for embedding images in your post without having to upload them to your host. Since CommunityServer doesn't have an insert image facility built into the blog entry form, I have found using TinyPic as a quick and easy way to include images in my blog. Check it out!