Patrick Altman

On Writing

A few days ago, I asked a question via Twitter soliciting topics to blog about. Someone suggested that I write about why I need to write.

Resurrection iWitness Review

Yesterday morning I arrived at my son’s school a bit earlier than usual and used the opportunity to explore the new Resurrection iWitness app on my iPad with him. While we didn’t finish going through the entire app, I was very pleased in how it engaged my young seven year old. He asked lots of questions, that quite frankly put me on the spot to answer in a clear and concise way — I love this!

What is Gondor

“What is Gondor?”, asks a friend of mine who doesn’t know the difference between Django and Rails and probably thinks that Python is a creature found at the zoo’s reptile exhibit.

nashvegas 0.6 released

nashvegas 0.6 was released tonight to address a fairly critical bug.

Eldarion, First Month Review


nashvegas 0.4.1 released

A week or so ago I packaged up nashvegas 0.4.1 and thanks to Brian Rosner and Jannis Leidel there have been a good number of features added since my last blog post about nashvegas.

Another nashvegas Update

So something that has been bugging me since the recent release of nashvegas was the lack of handling errors in migration scripts.

nashvegas 0.1a1.dev2 Released

So like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, nashvegas has returned with a 0.1a1.dev2 release.


I have really gotten out of the habit of blogging and I hate that.

IE Is Being Mean to Me

This is fantastically hilarious.