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UPDATE: My Race Report

Well, the official results were posted and my watch time was a second too fast. I really ran 27:34. I came in first place in my sex/age group! It helped tremendously that there were only three people in that age/sex group! It still feels good though.

My Race Report

My first race went very well this morning. My goal was to finish the 5k in less than 30 minutes. The time on my watch (the chip time hasn't been published yet) was 27:33. All three of my mile splits were within seconds of each other and averaged exactly 9 minute miles, with the last 1/10th of a mile ran in 33 seconds. The weather was clear, slightly muggy, but in the mid 70s. The course overall was flat, but there were a few hills.

FairTax Treatment of Renting versus Home Buying

This morning my inbox had a well thought out and written email with some concerns about how the FairTax will affect low-income renters. There is still a lot about this facet of the FairTax proposal that I need to learn, but read on for my initial stab at responding to the concerns:

Ready for the 5k

I have run better in my weekly runs this week than most previous weeks. Maybe I'm in top shape, maybe it's just the exciting me of training towards an impending goal -- either way, it feels great to get out of my running rut. I actually increased my pace for 2 of my 3 runs this week. Today was my last run until Saturday morning's race. I usually run a 10 minute/mile pace -- I know very very slow. Well, today, I upped the treadmill up from 6 mph to 7 mph and finished the 3.2 miles with ease, so hopefully, I'll be able to even push a little harder on Saturday.

The Economic Truth Behind a Flat Tax System

This was an excellent post by Marlene Tobin, the PA State Director for the Americans For Fair Taxation:

The Family Vacation


Sitting down to play Skip-Bo with my wife and needed the instructions. Thought I'd add this post in case I ever need them again. :)

Dying Orange Flower

My First Race

I have been putting off entering a 5k race for some time now. Partly, because I look at the times on local events and am pretty intimidated. Partly, because I am just procrastinating. There is a local 5k a week from Saturday that looks like a good candidate and maybe I'll pre-register here in the next day or two to lock me into taking the plunge to start entering races. I think it will challenge me to keep up my running and increase my training efforts.

Pearson Falls