Patrick Altman

Plantar Fasciitis

I woke up this morning at 6:00 AM to do what I want to be my morning routine (it's only been three days) of spending some time in God's Word (trying to desperately catch up in my One Year Bible -- behind by several months) and running 3 to 4 miles.

Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)

I have been a big fan of OO for years now so I found this article very interesting in how it extends the OO concepts.

The Art of Project Management

This article (actually a chapter from his book) by Scott Berkun is an excellent read and offers some great insights to project management.

Amino Software Launches!

Watch here for fantastically incredible software coming soon. More details will be forthcoming. Stay tuned!

6 Miler

This morning, I ran my first 6 miler. It felt good and the weather was cool (low 50s). I ran on the local Greenway in town and finished the 6 miles in 57 minutes 30 seconds. The second 3 miles was about 3 minutes faster than the first half, so I feel good about starting to learn to control my pace (I was aiming for a 10 minute/mile pace). Previously when I have run off the treadmill and no longer have a machine to dictate the pace to me, I have run way too fast, which makes for miserable runs (as I can't hold that pace for any distance that I am trying to run).


Not sure if I am going to make my goal of 15 miles this week. I have been not really setting weekly mileage goes since I began running 3 months ago, however, from my log, I have been bouncing around between 9 and 16 -- but more in the 9s. So I thought, I have run several weeks where I ran over 15 miles so that should be a doable goal to reach and stick with every week with a long term goal of getting up to about 25 miles a week. For a number of reasons, I didn't get a run in on Sunday or Monday, so I started with my first run of the week on Tuesday, a 4 miler. Yesterday, I got in 3 miles and today another 4.

Google Maps Interactive Routing

This utility has been really cool for creating running routes with known distances without having to get out an measure it with my car.

Runner's Drool

Just wanted to bookmark two items I would love to buy one day if a spare grand fell into my lap on day.

Running on the Greenway

I recently learned of the new trail system being built and maintained by the Nashville's Metro Parks Department. I must say that from what I have seen so far they are a fabulous addition to our city. I went for a run yesterday on the Stones River Greenway (map) starting at the Kohl's trailhead and continued to the Percy Priest Dam trailhead and then back (5.8 miles). It's mostly shaded with great views of the river along the way. At one point, a deer was jaunting through the woods to my left for about 50 yards or so. The trails are well maintained and very clean.

Cropper Plugin Links Fixed

As noted by some readers, the links to the TinyPic Cropper Plugin were broken. They have now been fixed.