Patrick Altman

Friday Notes

This week has been a blur. I need to start taking some notes each day to make these end of the week posts easier.

Service, Dedication, and Excellence

Today at my daughter's soccer match, Amy stopped by to pick up something that was in my car. She couldn't attend the game because she was working an annual fundraiser as part of her duties of being on the PTO board at our children's school. A few moments after she departed one of the soccer parents handed me something that Amy is collecting from other parents of my daughter's teammates for another fundraiser related to the sports programs at the YMCA.

Friday Notes

Well, it looks like I should really call these Saturday notes as they all end up getting written and published the day after Friday! But hey, I am just glad to keep a weekly thing going.

Uncle Robert

This is not my usual "Friday Notes" week-in-review post. This past week was spent in Portland, OR with the Eldarion team at DjangoCon 2011. It was a great time with a lot to digest, contemplate, and talk about, but not in this post. The one event that happened toward the end of the week that really captured the bulk of my attention and tugged on my heartstrings was the passing of my great-uncle Robert.

Friday Notes

This week has been a blur due to all the extra work the team was doing to make the self-imposed deadline of launching Gondor, our PaaS (Platform as a Service) offering for Django developers, startups, and companies. In addition, I have been getting things in order for travel tomorrow. I'll be headed to Portland, OR tomorrow afternoon for DjangoCon and looking forward to meeting up with the rest of the Eldarion team.

Friday Notes

It's Friday again (well really early Saturday morning), and that's time to reflect on the week and write this blog post.

Friday Notes

In an effort to try and encourage more regular writing and keep my blog from going to stale, I want to attempt to do a week-in-review series of posts on Friday (or perhaps at times on Saturday). Let's see how many weeks in a row I can do this.

When Will the Media Respect Ron Paul

This is good. Love when comedians make good points while making me laugh:

On Turning 33

Today, marks the anniversary of my birth 33 years ago. As I often do at moments like this, I become very reflective and in doing so I wanted to write some thoughts down and share with any whom might be interested. I think of this as kind of a retrospective for the previous iterations in my life — what has been good, where could I have been better, and what I plan to do about it going forward.

My Great Grandfather's Legacy

I grew up hearing stories of the tragic circumstances of my great- grandfather's death when my grandfather was still just a boy. Recently, an old article was discovered that provides a bit more detail than what I have known and really highlights his legacy as the business he started as a young man has thrived for four generations.