Patrick Altman


We are really big on open source at Eldarion and were excited to see Julythonannounced the other day on Twitter. However, we struggle with the problem of too many repositories to manage webhooks by hand.

8 Steps to Startup Productivity

In addition to managing engineering efforts at a startup, I have also worked with a number of different startups helping them to go from idea to launch, faster.

Always Be Delivering

Execute. Ship. Deliver.

On Marriage and Government

Fellow small-government conservatives, fellow Christians, I must ask you all some questions.

Integration of Backbone.js with Tastypie

I recently started learning more about backbone.js as a way to create richer app-like experiences on the web without the kludge that results from creating DOM elements in jQuery. I bought all three PeepCodes on the topic and have watched them all now a few times (they are densely packed with good material).

Using Signals in your Django App

Yesterday, I posted a fairly popular post (for my blog anyway) dealing with how I write reusable Django apps. There were a couple of comments on Hacker News asking for some more details about some of thing suggestions mentioned in my post. Therefore, I'd like to start by digging into the use of signals to provide better site level integration.

How I Write Django Reusable Apps

Over the past year I have written quite a number of reusable apps or have made significant contributions to previously existing ones (most if not all of these are under Eldarion or Pinax organizations on GitHub). A sort of a pattern has developed as I have learned little bits from trial and error so I thought I'd capture them in a single post as they might be useful for other app authors.

Top 10 Posts for the Past 12 Months

I was curious as to what posts have been the most popular. This is a bit hard to do since the longer a post has been published the more time it has had to build up Visit counts. I am sure there is someway to arrive at a normalized statistic but I can't see clearly in Google Analytics how to get this.

Some Pull Requests

I have had a number of pull requests backing up on my personal projects that I wanted to get to but time always gets squeezed out of the day before I have a chance to look into them. Well, this afternoon, I just made the time.

Kanban, Branching, Quality Gates, and Feature Toggles

The more I learn about process improvement, operations, and the delivery of value in context of engineering management, the more I discover just how much there is that I do not know with absolute certainty. But that is ok. I think that is kind of the point of a lean and agile approach to engineering.