Patrick Altman

Golf and Data

I have recently taken up golf and am loving the opportunity to get outside and away from my computer. I work a lot so it's a good way to force me to disconnect for a bit and focus on something else. Most importantly though it has become something that I can do and enjoy with my son as he has taken to the sport as well.

Developing Software is Like Writing an Essay

The other day I had started a ThoughtStream on this topic in response to reading an older article by Paul Graham entitled Writing, Briefly.

Forget print(), Use pdb Instead

How often do you use print statements to display output in your runserver process to help debug something?

Better Customer Support with eventlog

In web apps where users are doing various activities in your site, things can get complicated in a hurry that can make troubleshooting both customer support issues as well as exceptions very tricky. Tracking the flow of user activity is critical to understanding what happened and is not always easy to decipher at granular levels through analytics services such as Google Analytics. As a compliment to these services, Eldarion wrote eventlog. It’s a simple pluggable app that you add to your site and then log events throughout your code.

BLIT, an Early Graphical Interface

I saw this on the Internet today and thought it was too good not to share here as well.

Getting Started with Pinax Starter Projects

When I first started contributing to Pinax, one of the most exciting things to me was this idea of starter projects where you could be up and running with a certain type of a site literally within minutes. It was even more exciting to be able to shed having to build and maintain a lot of the infrastructure code around supporting project templates when Django started supporting the --template flag on startproject.

Twitter Bootstrap and AJAX

As a long time web developer who has struggled with being comfortable with doing front-end development, having Twitter Bootstrap available is nothing short of transformative. The aspect that I am most enamored with is how much the bar has been lowered for guys like me to make relatively large UI changes without the need to segment work out to UI experts.

How to Easily Add Referrals to a Website

Referrals are a popular and very effective way to generate quality traffic while allowing users that love your site to become promoters. We built anafero because we were increasingly wanting to deploy referral systems on more of our sites as well as sites for some of our clients.

How to Setup an Upload Handler for Redactor

Yesterday, I posted about how I was having fun with redactorjs and promised to follow up with how to hook up the ability to upload and embed images. Well, I am pleased to be able to show you how with a few lines of Python and Django.

Having Fun with the Redactor WYSIWYG Editor

I have been having a blast with redactorjs and will soon be buying a developer license.