Wrapping FogBugz with Python

I just started another open source project with the goal of it being a simple Python binding to the FogBugz API.

I am a big fan of FogBugz for a ticket/bug tracking system, especially since they moved to a hosted model. Their API leaves something to be desired but in terms of functionality it has come a long way since only being able to query filters.

There are a couple of other projects out there that have pretty much the same goal, but I prefer a different approach. I really like the way Mitch Garnaat designed boto and it has proven to a very useful library so I am setting out to mimic his approach. Granted this project and API are much simpler than the breadth of covering all of AWS.

I am writing this mostly for my use (I want to write a command line client to my FogBugz instance) but figured there are likely others that would be interested -- and maybe even want to contribute to work to the project.