Wordpress Feeds and Feedburner

I am still trying to sort out the RSS that Wordpress produces and why I can "burn" a new feed at Feedburner to update my existing one that points to my old, now defunct, CommunityServer blog's url.

I can read and see the RSS feed at the wp-rss2.php, however, Feedburner returns a 404 error message when I try to update my feed there. I just put in a ticket with Feedburner to see what advice I can get from them. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon and I can scratch this item off my list.

Update: Not 20 minutes after sending the email to FeedBurner, I got a response saying the problem was resolved. I've checked, and indeed, it has been and my Feedburner feed is now active for my Wordpress blog. Now I just need to take Sterling Camden's advice and redirect my default Wordpress feeds to Feedburner.

Tags: wordpress, feedburner, rss