Windows Vista Ultimate, First Impressions

The negative reports heard around the blogosphere as well as people that I know, about how problematic Vista was with regards to the installation as well as the operating system in general, are nothing short of mythical, at least in my experience.

The install itself was the smoothest yet of any Windows (or other OS for that matter) I have ever installed. Out of the box, it recognized all my hardware and installed drivers for everything (no hunting around for disks or Googling for drivers on the web).

I had a functioning OS in less than 30 minutes. That's 30 minutes to go from a bare metal machine to a working system, with most the time being format and copy time.

There were reports of the feature of the OS that is supposed to protect the user from himself, prompting the user before doing any invasive action as to whether they are sure if they want to proceed. While admittedly, this can be a painfully tedius and annoying thing to occur, it was quite simple to disable (following prompts on the dialog box that is prompting for my assurances).

Lastly, I had heard and had been told that I flat could not run Visual Studio 2003 to develop 1.1 apps. This is just not true. While not supported by Microsoft officially, there are only known edge cases where it will not work on Vista.

I am really liking the new Explorer, the Windows DVD maker, as well as working with digital photos. There are a number of applications that just the OS included apps will replace for me. The file history feature is interesting, and I hope to learn more about it in the coming weeks, as time permits.

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