Windows Live Writer

This is my second post with the new blogging tool from Microsoft.

I am huge fan of offline/disconnected editors for posting to my blog ever since I first spent more than 30 seconds typing up some text and accidentally hit the side button on my mouse sending a "back" command to the browser forcing a farewell to my post.

I had been using Newsgator's Outlook plug-in to post for the past 60 or so posts. It is a great tool, especially since I already have it running at home and work via Outlook. However, it fails in many regards like adding images, modifying the HTML, etc. It's been fine for plain text postings with links, but when I need to add some formatted source code or an image, I have to post it as a draft and then edit it online.

So far, I really like this blog posting tool. Writer, is also extensible via a plug-in architecture, which provides for some cool and rich functionality added to the base editor. Things like Tag4Writer and Flickr4Writer enabling easy tagging (Technorati style) and Flickr integration simple and straightforward for the poster to use.

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