Windows Live Writer Proxy Woes

It is a Beta release so I guess things like this are to be expected, however, it is still a bit frustrating.

I got hooked over the weekend at home using Windows Live Writer and promptly installed it first thing this morning when arriving to work to facilitate quick and impromptu postings throughout the workday. I find this to be the best way to capture thoughts and ideas that I want to share (all others I make use of my OneNote notebook).

To my dismay, it appears as if I was going to be unable to install Windows Live Writer due to the corporate firewall. It didn't seem to be detecting my automatically configured proxy settings.

I did a little digging (I wasn't going to give up easily) and found the address of our corporate proxy server and added those custom settings in the blog configuration dialog that you are prompted with when initially running Windows Live Writer after a fresh install. This seemed to do the trick, however, not completely.

I have yet to be able to download my style so I just have the plain Web Layout page. If this post works and gets published then I guess it will suffice, however, it would be nice to get this "bug" fixed in subsequent releases.

Furthermore, having to hardcode the proxy settings is not ideal, as when my password expires (they expire and have to be reset to a new one every 45 days or so), then I'll have to remember to update my Windows Live Writer settings.

NOTE: This post didn’t work. I had to resort to using my old NewsGator Outlook plugin to publish this. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon.

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