Vertical Day: Redefining Politics

This is the kind of stuff that we need in politics.

The Huck PAC is continuing with Mike Huckabee's brand of positive, issues-based, politics, in promoting Vertical Day on July 23rd. Candidates such as John Cornyn, Elizabeth Dole, Lamar Alexander, Jim Inhofe, Roy Brown, Steve Daines, Gilbert Baker and Bob Clegg, have chosen to participate. They'll blog about issues on July 23rd in a positive manner that promotes good healthy exchange of ideas instead of the typical partisan bickering.

As a coordinated effort on a single day, it should bring a more attention to Vertical Politics than having this effort scattered about. That being said, it would be nice if this set a tone for encouraging more candidates to seek to solve problems than to merely beat up the other guy for votes.

We have a ton of problems to solve as a nation. We don't have time to deal with the status quo of politics in America. We need a fundamental shift in attitude and thinking. I am looking forward to Vertical Day and hopefully one day a Vertical Nation.