Updated Cropper TinyPic Plugin

In reference to requests made by Scott Isaacs for improvements to the initial release of my Cropper plug-in I decided to go ahead and make them and take ownership of the maintainence of it.

You can find the new release here. In this zip file you'll find the plug-in dll as well as an xsl stylesheet. Put the dll in the plugins folder of your Cropper installation and the xsl stylesheet in whatever directory you have Cropper set to use as output.

The new features in this release are:

  1. Creation and posting of thumbnails if thumbnails were selected in Cropper. This posts two files and returns two urls. I am handling this in the Clipboard pretty inelegantly -- just seperating the two URLs with a comma.
  2. Log file. I decided on output the log to xml so that it can be used in a flexbile way. It outputs the the last posted image first in the list. The xsl stylesheet included in this release serves as an example -- feel free to structure it how you please. The only thing that needs to remain the same is that the stylesheet filename needs to stay the same and it needs to be in the same directory as the generated xml file (which will be in the Cropper output directory). Below is a sample of what my sample xsl transform of the xml looks like along with the raw xml structure.

Sample XSL Transformation

The raw generated XML