The Sunday Message

This blog is several years old now. I have archives going back for nearly all of its history (losing about a year of posts on one of my several migrations). I have migrated from Wordpress, to Community Server, and recently back to Wordpress. Throughout this history I have gradually sharpened the focus (in the beginning, it was just random useless postings) on this blog in an attempt to provide real technical value to search engine indexes and the handful of regular readers.

Somewhere along the way, I lost focus. I had thought that the strategy of being tightly focused on only technical subjects would generate some brand equity for myself and my career. I guess this could be true if I had thousands (heck, even hundreds) of regular readers. I found myself not posting on various things about which I cared and wanted to write for fear of clouding the brand that was "off topic".

Let's be real.

This blog is really nothing more than an outlet to express myself. If some of the content is found to be useful by others, then that is fantastic. But enough of enslaving myself to a hypothetical mass of readership that would form opinions about me that would affect my brand.

With that, I am led to ponder the message from worship service this morning at church.

We recently started a new series on the book of Philippians. We'll spend the next several months digesting this Pauline letter with the central theme being an "Uncommon Joy". I was struck at how joy-filled Paul was, writing this letter to the church from a Roman prison cell.

Today's passage, chapter 1, verses 1-11, has one verse that really speaks to me. In verse 6, we learn of Paul's confidence that the work that Jesus begins in a believer, that He will surely complete it. What a truth to bury in my heart for those days when Satan would have me doubt my salvation!