The Django Toolbar: Updated

So after some late night code slinging to scratch a wild itch of an idea, I rethought my approach in how I forked the code for the Django Debug Toolbar project. Partly this was prompted by some folks that took some time to leave a few comments on the previous post announcing the release -- many thanks!

Anyway, I just committed changes to a new fork of the Django Toolbar project that I hope is considering merge worthy by Rob Hudson to get back into the project and my fork can live a short but useful life until my pull request is incorporated.

The basics of this change is that you can control whether or not server side logging occurs as well as whether or not the toolbar is displayed via some configuration settings that are documented in the README.rst.

Check it out and let me know what you think. I'd like to build some dashboard type tools for browsing the server side logged data. But beyond that I think it is probably ready to start using.