Thankful, I am

It seems like an obligatory or cliched post to write, but on the eve of Thanksgiving (actually it's already past midnight as I write, so I guess it is already here), I feel it appropriate to sum up just some of the highlights of things in my life that I am thankful for.

First and foremost, would be my wife of almost 10 years. She is a truly exceptional human being and I am a better man and better father because of her. In addition to being a wife, she is my best friend and I cannot imagine doing life without her. I feel like, no, I know that God designed us for each other.

In addition, she is also a most fantastic mother to our three children. I could not dream up or design a better mother for our three little ones. I know our children are blessed because her and as their father, having her as my "co-captain" so-to-speak I am immensely grateful to her.

Speaking of the kiddos, what can a father say? I count the title/role of "father" 2nd only to "husband" in this life. It's an immense responsibility, but what an immense joy I receive from each of them. To be allowed to participate in this part of Creation is a sacred honor that I do not take for granted.

I know I am gushing here, but man, I love my family. Everything, I mean everything else, seems so petty, so inconsequential.

Everything that is, except for my number one.

I am thankful for the One who does not and will not ever forsake me. The One who washed my sins clean through His sacrifice. The One who has given me everything. The One who through Him all things are possible. I am most thankful for and to Jesus.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!