Team System in the Wild

After a few pilots at my previous job, I am now in the midst of a production deployment of Team Foundation Server. All developers have Team Suite Edition and we have almost embraced the full stack (work items will be added in another sprint or two).

I think the real value in this tool will be the full integration of all the different facets of engineering software -- task tracking, source control, build engine, automated testing, static analysis and code coverage.

We are testing the waters with using Automaton for enabling Team Build to be used in a ContinuousIntegration mode. I just installed it on Monday and got it working this morning, so my confidence level with it is still pretty low as compared to what I am used to with CruiseControl.NET.

Per suggestions in an email exchange with Buck Hodges, I am planning on writing a Merge Reconciliation report that will identify Merge Candidate between branches. The purpose of this report will be to provide a confidence level to builds we deliver to QA that desired changes got merged into the right line for the build.

So far there is no such type support in Team System, however, there are API level calls available on the service tier of the Team Foundation that Buck pointed me in the direction of. It involves writing a custom data processing extension for Reporting Services. I have done enough of a spike to prove that I can get the critical data, so now it is more about wrapping it all up and designing the report. I'll be excited to get this working and deployed as I think it will be very useful in our environment.

Tags: team system, team foundation server, continuous integration, automaton, source control, scm