Switched to Mac

Well, almost. I am on day 2 of my new Mac Book Pro. The last time I worked on a machine from Apple was the Apple IIc I had as a kid, my first computer.

Being a well versed and experienced Microsoft developer, I must admit it makes me a bit nervous to be getting further and further away from what has indirectly paid my mortgage over the years. The Python I write, the less I think about C#, and I love C#. Vista, an OS that I absolutely love -- I've worked on it on my laptop and my desktop machine at home for more than 3 months now and have had zero problems with it -- is fading fast as I experience OS X.

Where is this going to leave me? Will my skills on the Microsoft stack dry up? Hopefully not. I'll be installing a Vista partition on my MBP in the next couple days that will give me a VS2005 dev environment. I hope to keep active in at least one or two side projects on that platform. Some for money, some for fun.

I must say though, that I am VERY impressed with the hardware as well as some of the features of OS X. Simple things like the process of installing things and the fact that it's backed by a bash shell. I do want to replace our home PCs with Macs, that much is for certain.