Senator Tom Coburn Co-Sponsers FairTax Bill

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I’ve been silent for awhile, not for lack of enthusiasm or things to say, but just a hectic schedule. This post will not be much of anything original, however, I thought it was worthwhile to post for anyone that isn’t on one of the local grassroots listservs (if not I highly recommend joining — they are becoming more and more active so I recommend the “digest” subscription or your email box may become full).

Today I got this on the TNFAIRTAX group of which I am a member. I thought it was exciting to hear about the grassroots effort catching on and actually affecting change, so much so that at least one senator has decided to put his name on the bill as a co-sponser.

Dear FairTaxers,

While talking with Rob Woodall last night during a reception in honor of John Linder (it was also his birthday), I was informed that Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma has signed on to the FairTax Bill in the Senate. Rob explained that the reason the Senator signed on was that he received so much pressure at a recent town hall meeting that he decided to blurt out something like, “But I am already a co-sponsor of the bill” just to quell the crowd. Well, in order to make good on his statement, he had to get on the phone the next day and make sure that he was actually signed on to the bill before the end of the day. My hat is off to those at the town hall meeting in OK. This is how it is supposed to be done! We can all learn a simple but important lesson here: If you want your members of Congress to sign on to the bill, bringing pressure to bear is the best way.

For those who would like to welcome Senator Coburn to the fight, here is his contact information:

Very best regards,
David Klepinger