Scrum and MSF Agile

I am quite partial to Scrum in practice and in theory. I believe anyone who experiences the raw, transparent, and self-organizating nature of it would have to agree.

Be that as it may, MSF Agile's process templates do offer some interesting reports and does seem to meld a little better with typical corporate SDLC (read: big waterfall process). After spending some time today looking at the two processes side by side in Team System, it was tempting to see them as closely similiar in an effort to "Scrumify" MSF Agile to get the best of both worlds (the richer reporting in MSF Agile, with the lean process flow and self-organizing team focus of Scrum).

Then I did some "Googling" and came across this message on Yahoo! Groups that I tought was enlightening and funny (due in large part to the tone) at the same time.

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