Scoblenalysis of Impending Developer Wars

On of my favorite bloggers to follow, Robert Scoble, provides an interesting and lengthy analysis of what he sees as impending forces that will swell into some form of "Developer Wars".

Maybe he is just trying to be dramatic to make for interesting reading. However, I don't see any of these different "platforms" as something of mutual exclusion. As a developer I'll choose the services that work best for me and the application that I am developing and some of them may be with Google, some maybe with Microsoft.

My take on this is that Google-Amazon-eBay-Microsoft-Yahoo are all offering different services that can be consumed by applications. Whether they are "mashups" or are more custom applications that make use here and there of a service, the "platform" is still a .NET, Python, Ruby, Perl, C, what-have-you, technology.

The services are merely providing an information/data source to feed the application and in many ways an input mechanism to manipulate some data behind the service. As developers build more tools for the different services, the service providers should become more popular and their application that is providing the service API should become richer.

I guess now that I am in the end of my free-thinking post, I kind of see Robert's point, but I still think it is much more grey than his "black & white" analysis makes it out to be.

By the way, Robert, you can now get a 1TB home network attached storage device fairly cheaply.