RSS Feeds: Low Signal to Noise Ratio

I haven't subscribed or pruned my 100+ feeds from my aggregator in quite a while now. There are some feeds that I need to just chunk. I typically keep my "unreads" down to 0 each day, but I haven't until now watched how much time it takes me to scan through everything.

Today, I didn't touch my reader until tonight. Since last night there were 85 new posts. It took me 17 minutes to go through them all. I found 13 of them interesting that I'll either read next or bookmark. In some sense, I guess 15% isn't bad -- as long as I don't spend much more than ~20 minutes a day keeping up on things.

I could probably improve this ratio (and thus increase my reading time value) by weeding out the dead beats. One interesting thing in reading such a wide cross section of rss feeds is noticing the meme of the day. For example, today it was all about Reducing Clutter, which is ironic on the day that I am trying to un-clutter my information intake pipe.