Resourceful Blogging

Brian, author of CopyBlogger, has it right when he states it's important to provide good resources for your readers instead of just "filler content".

I have grown to love ready his posts, not because I have any grand illusions of selling or making money off of my blogging. In fact, the AdSense ads that are currently being displayed on this blog have been more than an experiment for my curiosity than anything else and they have annoyed me such that they'll be coming down as soon as I can find the time to make the modifications to the skin.

No, I write this blog for sheer satisfaction and enjoy CopyBlogger because so much of his content focuses on making the reader a better writer, at least for the medium of blogging. There is certain satisfaction about getting better for the sake and for the process of getting better.

In this vein of providing utility, I have added another resource to my Files section.

It is my first custom server control, written for my own personal use because I could not easily find a configurable mail control that I could just drop on a web page, configure and style with minimal effort. Furthermore, it seemed like a good opportunity to start retuning my ASP.NET skills have a year long (or so) hiatus from ASP.NET (been focused more on Enterprise Architecture topics and middleware stacks with a little WinForms/SmartClient thrown in for good measure).

Anyway, here is a link to the download. I'll follow up post with a walk through on how to use it for those that don't figure it out between then and now.

Was planning to just release it with this planned post, but Brian's post tipped me to go ahead and upload it.