Relocated Projects: Google Code to GitHub & Lighthouse

A while back I made a move to GitHub from Google Code only to switch back when discovering I didn't have a way to track work items (among other things).

Well, I have changed my mind again, primarily because I really want to start using git. So, I have cleaned up old stale projects that I started and know that I'll never work on and migrated three of the ones that I am still am interested in developing:

  • pyphanfare - a python wrapper around Phanfare's API
  • pyvimeo - a python wrapper around Vimeo's API
  • pycalais - a python wrapper around Reuters Calais API

All three projects on GitHub are integrated into my Lighthouse account which has recently been upgraded to support Open Source projects free of charge:

Altman Software on Lighthouse

Anyone interested in joining me on any of these projects? I'd love the help!