pybrightcove v0.1 Released

A few weeks ago, I announced a new project called pybrightcove that would serve as a python binding to the Brightcove API.

Well, with my latest push, I have released v0.1 of pybrightcove. This milestone marks the completion of all of the various Video Read APIs among other commits.

In addition to being able to query your media library via python, the original method I had created for this API, create_video has proven itself in a production environment for several weeks now.

Release Notes

API Methods

  • find_all_videos
  • find_video_by_id
  • find_related_videos
  • find_videos_by_reference_id
  • find_videos_by_reference_ids
  • find_videos_by_user_id
  • find_videos_by_campaign_id
  • find_videos_by_text
  • find_videos_by_tags
  • create_video

Data Transfer Objects

  • Video
  • Playlist
  • Rendition
  • CuePoint


  • Typed Exceptions
  • Related Objects (Enums, Collections, etc.)