Potential Phishing Scam

I believe there is a new (at least to me) Phishing scam out there that is not using IM or Email, but rather making contact via phone. Here is the complaint with all the details of what happened recently to me that I filed with the FBI (not sure who to report this kind of activity to, if not the FBI):

I am not sure if the FBI is the proper authority to report this to or not, however, I think it should be reported nonetheless.

Yesterday I received a voice mail on my cell phone from someone claiming to be from Bank of America stating that they needed to talk to me regarding my Home Equity Line of Credit Application and that they needed some information to run a Title Search. They left a toll-free number with a five digit extension for me to call back.

Since I did not have a home equity line of credit on my home, I immediately suspected identity theft. I called Bank of America's number that was listed on their website (not the number given in the voice mail) and verified that someone claiming to be me hadn't filed a home equity line of credit in my name. I further verified with Bank of America that they did not recognize the number provided to me in the voicemail.

_I then called the number left in the voice mail and the automated greeting claimed to be Bank of America. I did not follow through with entering the five digit extension to talk with anyone, however, I suspect that they would require some identifying piece of information from me to "lookup my account", like my Social Security Number. _

Therefore, I highly suspect that whoever is behind this number is operating a Phishing scam and defrauding people who may not be as cautious as I have been.

I did some research and learned the number is carried by MCI, however, they will not give me anymore information regarding who pays for the number, etc.

The number that was left in my voice mail that I was instructed to call and give my information to is:

(800) 374-7180 extension 29948

_Unfortunately, this is all the information I am able to provide. _

If the FBI is not the appropriate authority to report this to, I would appreciate knowing who to take this to.

Please contact me at if any additional information is needed.