Plaxo API

I just posted a first cut at putting together a .NET API for the Plaxo REST Web Service. It pretty much only consists of a Command object model, which will be made internal once my API is defined and implemented. I have made everything public for now, largely for ease of Unit Testing (which you can tell from the source folder in the code download that I need to write more tests). Click the screen shot to see a full size class diagram detailing the object model.

The core design of this "wrapper" around the REST interface centers around this object model and the use of a SAX-like parser to parse the responses of from the posted commands, which fire events allowing an event handler to build and construct response command objects to be used through a yet to be developed formal API for this class library. Another goal will be to extract out the string literals (e.g. the different tags and parameter names) and other "hard coding" to use a configurable Settings file.

It's highly likely that this first release is absolutely worthless, however, in case people were interested, I though I'd go ahead and get something out there for them to nibble on. Feedback is highly encouraged and welcomed. Enjoy.