Pick Your Battles and Just Get It Done

I am passionate about the intersection of technology and business. Put another way, I just love being able to manipulate technology to create real value.

This leads me a lot of times to the point of picking too many battles. By trying to evangelize and sell to many things at one time, I find myself getting no where with the vision that I have. I have found myself slowly adding new "battles" without seeing the old ones through and now reflecting back, I have accumulated a lot of starts to positions without gaining a lot of ground:

  • Deployment of Team Foundation Server to increase developer productivity while eliminating the need to manage multiple vendors for different tools used currently as part of the SDLC
  • The notion that we need to focus our attention Service Oriented Architecture for our core business functionality
  • Trade in our internal web app for a newer Smart Client approach to gain a better Time to Market while providing our internal customers a much more powerful tool.
  • Embrace an agile SDLC such as Scrum.
  • Build an architecture and R&D team in an organization that has never had one.

All of this while trying to work on software projects that will deliver value. I think all I have accomplished thus far is put different people into defense mode largely due to the fact that all these items would be global changes that have a big impact on them and the organization.

The lesson learned? Pick battles wisely. Don't try to "save the whole world" at once, but "bit by bit". Pick one thing and focus intensely on it. Then pick another, and maybe wisely a second or a third, but never more than two or three at the same time.