Phanfare API Versions

This past weekend I found myself getting a bit frustrated in working on pyphanfare in that as I was referencing the documentation for the the API, I clicked on a link at the bottom of the page that said "API" and got a different document describing a slightly different API with a completely different authentication scheme.

Phanfare API 1.0 Phanfare API 2.0

Comparing the two API documents, I could not distinguish whether or not they were in fact two distinct different API versions, or if one was obsolete and if so, which one. After posting some messages on the forums and sending a few emails, I got a response informing me that there are two distinct different API versions.

Also the text on the 1.0 API was updated to make it clearer -- great response time to updating the documentation:

Picture 1.png

When Phanfare released it's overhaul, Phanfare 2.0, it also was accompanied with a different API. The accounts that have been upgraded need to use the new API, the sites that haven't been updated must use the old API. That being said, the API for 1.0 will be shutdown in June 2008, so I assume that 1.0 accounts will be upgraded then as well.

So, it looks like I need to take a step back on pyphanfare and reexamine my approach. I will ditch the effort to support the 1.0 API and focus on getting the 2.0 version out and usable.