OneNote 2007 and Synched Notebooks

I am not 100% certain but I would imagine most folks that make use of OneNote use more than a single computer during the course of a given week. The different computers are likely employed in different contexts as well (work, home, travel, etc.).

However, if one has begun using OneNote in one context on a single machine it is very likely that they would desire and enjoy the capabilities of OneNote to capture thoughts in all, or most, of these different contexts.

Furthermore, life rarely contains itself into nice neat little boxes with no bleed over from context to context, but rather ideas come out of no where regardless of what context you find yourself in (at least that is what happens to me).

To solve this problem with OneNote 2003, I winded up making use of a thumbdrive that I carry with me everywhere. My notebook is on it so I can use it on whatever computer has OneNote bits installed. The computers that I use on a regular basis point to the drive that thumbdrive auto mounts to so that I don't have to configure the machine to look anywhere different each time I use it.

This has worked fine, however, it's a pain if I forget my thumbdrive at home (or worse yet, misplace it).

The new shared notebook feature in OneNote 2007 as discussed by Chris Pratley is solves this exact problem. I cannot wait to get my hands on the bits for the OneNote 2007 RTM release.