Naked Conversations: A Preview

I picked up a copy of Naked Conversations yesterday at the local Barnes & Nob le as I am very interested in the impact of blogging not only in the micro-ISV space but also in the corporate environment.

I think it is clear how blogging helps a small micro-ISV in more ways than one. What's not so obvious to me is whether or not blogging can and should be used as a tool in a business environment where you don't have direct consumers, but rather in a business to business service model. That is for external facing blogs.

Internal facing blogs in the corporate setting can be fantastic and I definately see the potential they have to alter the culture of a company for the better, however, I am interested in how to prime that pump and keep it going. How does one build an audience and inspire others internally to follow suit, without the aid of organic growth a la Google indexing to help drive traffic and attract subscribers.

I have only read the introduction and first chapter thus far so I can't really comment on it as far a a review of the book goes, however, it feels like it will be a quick and very informative read.