Microsoft's MSDN Library Meets Wiki

I guess it is a natural progression for Microsoft to have a Wiki implementation on the much used and relied upon MSDN Library since introducing blogging and online properties like Channel9.

I am excited to see another source for community centric technology writing and idea sharing. It will be interesting to see how and if this affects blogging at all. Much of the technology/developer blogs out there are primarily made of up tips, tricks, ideas, etc. Will developers or technologists publish this information in both places or one or the other.

The benefit for me posting on my own blog is that I have complete control of the content (no one can change it but me) and I build an audience. What would be the benefit for giving that information away in the context of an MSDN Wiki, beyond community recognition?

I will love having it as a resource to draw from, but for now I think I'll stick with my blog to communicate out my ideas.