Loving My New Keyboard

Just cashed in my Apple Store Credit for my overpriced iPhone (the price of early adoption wasn't cheap this time). My somewhat "free" loot was a copy of VMWare Fusion and the new USB slim keyboard.

I haven't fired up Fusion yet, but am loving the new keyboard. I am on my Mac Book Pro all day long and at times, the heat from the machine can really warm up my hands as I type. So not only will my hands remain a little more comfortable, but the keyboard is spread out a bit more yielding for a more pleasant typing experience.

For example, a dedicated Delete button that deletes characters on the right instead of the standard "Backspace" (still called Delete on Mac keyboards) that deletes to the left is a big time saver for a guy like me who has moved over to a Mac from a PC. Furthermore, the placement of the arrow keys away from the laptop's bottom row "enter" key prevents the massively inadvertent line breaks when I am cursoring around in text.